S* Fridalas Extaz

Finally our new beautiful darling moved in.

When we first saw this girl we were breath taken and wrote Gunnel as a joke - "just shipped her to us" :-) It was not our plan to buy a new girl - but the technical quality of this girl was impossible to say no to. We conversate and in beginning of June we went to Sweden to meet her.

Taz got the most impressive triangled head - and her ears are so lovely in shape and placement is perfect. Her colour and pattern is very strong - and we believe that she got the best from her mother and her father. She is a heavy girl - high on legs and long body.

Thanks so much Gunnel for trusting us this amazing girl. We promise to take good care of her.

Navn/name : S* Fridalas Extaz (Tazze)
Født/born: 04.04.2013
Far/father: XL aus dem Wuselland (n 09 22)
Mor/mother: S* Fridalas Athena (ns 22) 
EMS kode/code: NFO n 22
Opdrætter/breeder: Gunnel Malberg
Vægt/weight June 2013: 1470 g 

GSD4 negative
HCM vil blive testet



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