DK CH Twikkes Abigail

Abigail is co-owned between Pernille Vængebjerg Boutrup and Twikkes.

She will be a part of Twikkes breeding program when she gets a bit older.

Already when Abigail was 2 weeks old we lost our heart to this little special darling. She has got the best from her father - impressive strong boning, strong triangle, great ears and placement. From her mother she also got boning, colour, guard hair and look - we still hope for the chin to develop. We expect a lot of her - and looking forward to follow her development.

We also look forward working with Pernille as a foster host and eventually upcoming breeder.  

Navn/name: DK Twikke's Abigail
Født/born: 11.03.15
Far/father: SC S* Merix Black Jack NFO n
Mor/mother: IC DK Twikkes Ariel NFO f 23
  EMS kode: NFO f 22
Opdrætter/breeder: Rikke og Trine Winkel

Vægt/weight 16 week old : 2,25 kg

PKdef N/K              

GSD 4 Negative

HCM : will be tested