Twikkes 16. litter

We got kittens born 11. Marts 2015


IC Twikkes Ariel (NFO f 23) and SC Merix Black Jack (NFO n)


Ariel have birth to 6 kittens in less than 3 hours. It was her first time and we are so proud of how well she made it.


Thank you Hanna for letting us borrow Jack for his last and final litter. We look forward to follow them.

More info about Jack here:        

Pedigree of the kittens :;2:894332&g=4&p=nfo&date=iso&o=a


Ariel is PKdef carrier.

PKdef carriers will only be sold as pet.

A PK def carrier (N/K) is healthy and will never develop the disease.


The kittens are named after Disneys newest movie 

Big Hero 6


More info to come and eventually colours and sexes can be adjusted 😀



EMS / Colour


Weight at birth


Twikke’s Hiro (PKdef N/N)

NFO n 23 - Black macharel tabby 


131 g

Sarah and Anton - Kbh Ø

Twikke’s Fred (Pkdef N/N)

NFO a 22 blue blotched tabby


129 g

Peter - Nyk Falster

Twikke’s Cass

NFO f 24 black tortie spotted tabby


125 g

Tina og Søren - Holte

Twikke’s Honey Lemon

NFO g 23 blue cream macharel tabby


123 g


Twikke’s Moshi

NFO d 22 Red blotched tabby



Fam Baltzer Ravn - Veksø

Twikke’s Abigail

NFO f 22 Black tortie blotched tabby


121 g

DK Twikkes

Feel free to contact Trine at if you are interested in a kitten from this combination.                 



Twikkes Hiro
Twikkes Fred
Twikkes Honey Lemon
Twikkes Cass
Twikkes Moshi
Twikkes Abigail