Champion (N) Skaujenta's Einunn

Einunn - Tarzan i daglig tale, er en delehan imellem Katteri Twikkes og Katteri Vikats

Tazan bor til dagligt hos Katrine sammen med hendes hankastrat Twikke's Figaro

Tusind tak Julie - for at denne smukke han fik lov at være vores. Vi er så taknemmelige ❤


Einunn - or in daily speak Tarzan - is a co-owned male between Cattery Twikkes and Cattery Vikats.

Tarzan is living with Katrine together with her male neuter Twikke's Figaro.

Thanks so much Julie (Skaujenta's) for trusting us this amazing boy ❤

Tarzan is a well builded boy, strong long body, heigh on legs. He got a very nice head with good height, straight profile, very well rounded top and a nice chin.His ears are very well placed and large. Good coat quality with nice guard hair.

His temper is excellent - he is such a handsome male and love to be in the sofa with his mother.

He is the father of litter number 14 and 15


Navn: (N) Skaujentas Einunn
Født: 19.05.2012
Far:  (N) Skaujentas Veland (ds 11 )
Mor: (N) Sakujentas Yr (fs 09) 
EMS kode: NFO ns 09 22
Opdrætter: Julie Astrup

Vægt/weight januar 2013: ca. 5 kg

GSD 4 Negative

PKdef N/N

HCM: Normal - 02-03-2015

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