Disney litter # 18


Kitten born the 4. October


GIC DK Twikkes Ariel  x IC Europas Måske I morgen  

Pedigree: https://www.pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&ids=3:1191831;2:1166223&g=4&p=nfo&date=iso&o=ajgrep

After some thought (and struggles to find Disney movies including 5 girl names) we decided to name the kittens after Lady and the Tramp I + II


If you are interested in one of the kittens, feel free to send an email to trine@twikkes.dk



Kittens can be reserved  - but we still allow us to hold back the most promising cats for breeding purpose.

Kittens carrier of the PKdef gene will only be sold as pet. 


Name EMS / Colour Gender Weight at birth Status
Twikke’s Lady Blue cream tabby white g 09 23  PK def N/K Girl 111 g  Sold
Twikke’s Jock Red spotted d 24 PKdef N/K  Boy 88 g Sold
Twikke’s Buster Black tabby white n 09 23 PKdef N/K Boy 119 g Merete i Farum
Twikke's Otis Red tabby white d 09 24 PKdef N/K Boy 144 g  Lone i Hellerup
Twikke’s Danielle Black tabby white n 09 23 PKdef N/N Girl 106 g Søren på amager
Twikke’s Darling Black tabby white n 09 23 PKdef N/N Girl 97 g Vibeke i Slagelse
Twikke’s Ruby Blue cream tabby g 22 PKdef N/K Girl 102 g* Ditte i Værløse
Twikke’s Angel Blue tabby white a 09 24 PKdef N/K Girl 122 g * Martin på Østerbro
* weight 5/10-2016