Disney litter nr 14

Born 19th of July 2014

Midnatstjernens Vanity Fair w61 x CH (N) Skaujenta's Einunn ns 09 22

Two kittens was born, unfortunately one of them was stillborn.

We named our fighting little white boy Marshmallow after one of the most amazing Disney cartoons - Frozen 😀

We was blessed by an angel and the day after Marshmallow was born, we got a great opportunity to help another breeder with a  very small kitten that was rejected by his mother
Thanks Pia and Henrik, Toonscats for letting us borrow and raise up Toonscat's Paddington (black macharel tabby and white).
We will do our absolutely best for this two wonderful boys.
We will update with pictures of Paddington as well.
If you are interested in Marshmallow or Paddington please let us know




Weight at birth


Twikkes Marshmallow

White w


 77 g

Sold to Mille Nielsen - Stavanger, Norway

Twikkes ?

Black macharel tabby