Twikkes Angus

3 month

  Angus now live at a friends house. He love the free life as a neuter and outdoor cat

Our new breeding male
A great product of two of our most important breeding cats.
After Bluebell was sterilized we decided to keep Angus.
One of the main reason is the strong boning that Angus have inherited from his parents.
Embrik is very strong boned and this is also the development that Angus shows already
Both Celeste and Embrik got very nice chins - and Angus is already having a very strong chin.
Coat quality is promising too.

Angus will be offered as stud to a few females in beginning of 2015. Feel free to ask for his service if you are interested.

Navn: DK Twikke's Angus
Født: 23.03.2014
Far:  SC (N) Migoto's Embrik (as 09 22)
Mor: S* Assembla Star's Celesteville (ns 23
EMS kode: NFO ns 09 22 - black silver blotched tabby and white
Opdrætter: Trine og Rikke Winkel

Vægt 9 måneder: 5,1 kg

GSD 4 Negative
PK def N/N
HCM scanning Normal August 2015

Results, show:
Class 12, Kitten 7-10
Dragør, august 2014: ex 2
Skælskør, September 2014: ex 1, NOM