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Nye billeder af killingerne Alle er solgt


Héctor (Skovkat) og Dakota (Birma) er nu blevet 11 uger

Begge er solgt


Twikkes Moshi - 7 month old - picture and cat is owned by Baltzer Ravn Family

Vi har fået killinger d. 17. marts

Efter GIC DK Twikkes Ariel og S* Me Too's Clive
4 drenge og 2 piger
Efter DK Twikkes Rosa og DK Thomani's Churro
1 dreng
Efter Twikkes Belle og Sakeenas Jealous Guy
4 piger og 1 dreng
18. litter born
Ariel have birth to 8 healthy kittens
Ariel gave birth to 6 lovely and very impressive kittens.
She did so well of a first time mother
We are so happy and proud
Peach gave birth to 6 lovely kittens
Everything went well
The proud father is our own Skaujenta's Einunn
We wish them best luck and thanks for 12 wonderful weeks in their company.
Celeste is now distiguished merit due to results of her offsprings
Bluebell is now International Champion
S* Fridalas Extaz - moved in.
Today our new darling moved in.
Thanks so much Gunnel Malmberg for a wonderful girl.
We are so happy she became ours.
Today Bluebell gave birth to 4 wonderful kittens - 2 males and 2 girls.
She was so brave and now she have to rest

We will upload pictures when possible

Please follow the kittens at their own page